The Lumberjack Story

Posted on May 18, 2013 – 15:17

The Lumberjack Story The lumberjack story is has been made popular by a reference to it in Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits due to the messages it carries with it.
Like many stories the lumberjack story has a meaning, the version below is similar to others that you may have heard previously, the key message I believe is one of continuous development and using ones brain and not just ones brawn.

The Lumberjack story.

It was the annual lumberjack competition and the final was between an older experienced lumberjack and a younger, stronger lumberjack. The rule of the competition was quite simply who could fell the most trees in a day was the winner.

The younger lumberjack was full of enthusiasm and went off into the wood and set to work straight away, he worked all through the day and all through the night. As he worked he could hear the older lumber jack working to in another part of the forest, he felt more and more confident with every tree he felled that he would win.

At regular intervals throughout the day the noise of frees being felled coming from the other part of the forest would stop, the younger lumberjack took heart from this knowing that this meant the older lumberjack was taking a rest, whereas he could use his superior youth and strength and stamina to keep going.

At the end of the competition the younger lumberjack felt confident he had won, he looked in front of him at the piles of felled trees that were the result of his superhuman effort.

At the medal ceremony he stood on the podium confident and expecting to be awarded the prize of champion lumberjack, next to him stood the older lumberjack who looked surprisingly less exhausted than he felt.

When the results were read out he was devastated to hear that the older lumberjack had chopped down significantly more trees than he had, he turned to the older lumber jack and said,

“How can this be? I heard you take a rest every hour and I worked continuously through the night, once more I am stronger and fitter than you old man”.

The older lumberjack turned to him and said,
“Every hour I took a break to rest and sharpen my saw”

The meaning of the lumberjack story.

There are many messages that we can get from the lumberjack story, perhaps on a shallow level we may think that;

A sharp saw is more effective.
Why struggle with a blunt saw, perhaps it is wise to take time to sharpen it.
When we work more effectively we get more done.
Rest is just as important as hard work.

On a deeper level we can see other meanings in the lumberjack story;

Perhaps we should take notice that experience should never be underestimated.
I also take from this story that ‘life is a marathon not a sprint’ and that rest is as important as work, and we should take time to plan and do things more effectively.



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